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Dresden, Germany

January 23 – March 9 2018, Medienkulturhaus Pentacon (Informations : soon) 


Dresden, Germany

June 15 – June 29 2017, Hole of Fame Gallery, « A journey through silence »

« All is known in the sacredness of silence »

Rumi, Iranian sufi poet

Apprehending silence in every moment, in every place… Silence can be found in places long forgotten, such as old factories or palaces. However, for people, silence offers a useful time for meditation or prayers. Sometimes, silence is needed in order for one to take a step back from daily routines or simply to concentrate. For those beyond the strict definition of human, silence is eternal.

The exhibition has captured silence in three different aspects :
Forgotten places, spiritual moments and loneliness.

Visit the gallery « Hole of Fame »