This musical and visual project is the second collaboration with Iraqi Sound Artist Farouk Adil.

Music : Farouk Adil

Visual and poetry : Olivier Chantôme

It’s a journey to the road of memory, old ways, and past times…

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Golden age, 

in the cellars, wet basements, melody of ancient times 

echo, echo, echo, 

All the rolls of films are burnt, lost negatives… 

Recklessness, in the ballrooms, 

from the Paris of Brassaï, to the Odessa of Dziga Vertov 

Recklessness, in the streets, 

from the Bagdad of Latif al Ani, to the Beirut of Varoujan 

Witnesses of the past, 

from the dust to oblivion, 

The man with the camera will remain eternal