The Divine Comedy

French & Iraqi Collaboration Work (Sound-Image-Word). 

Music By Farouk Adil

Poetry By Visual Artist Olivier CHANTÔME

Visual By Olivier CHANTÔME

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Tribute from / to D.A.


Nine circles, 

tortures, punishment in the depths of the abyss, 

no hope, just fear, 

on the bank of the Acheron, we wait for the boat, 

to Limbo. 

Descent of Styx and Phlegethon, 

where is Geryon ? 

Still descent… 

to the beach of PURGATORY and the exit to the stars 

PARADISE, now ! 

in the heart of the nine celestial spheres, 

to the Empyrean. 

D.A.’s travels, 

Tribute to Isrâ, to Mi’raj 

Where is Burak ? 

To know this, 

I have to go to the 

Mutanabbi Street…