« Under Frustration »

The “Under Frustration” project takes stock of the contemporary Arab electronic scene, and highlights its astonishing diversity, by deconstructing Western clichés that are still fantasizing about a culturally homogenous Arab world. In a context of post-revolutionary disillusion, this ambitious trilogy sets itself as a manifesto of a new, futuristic, underground wave that aims to uplift the Arab voice, once again. 

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Project curated by Arabstazy & Shouka

Photo cover : Olivier CHANTÔME

All the pictures are taken in Tripoli, Lebanon

Graphic design by Avi Bohbot

About Volume 2 : Release 13th september 2019

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With this new release, Arabstazy allows the listener to walk among Shiite, Shaabi or Stambali lands – revealing new mystical sounds, reserved for trance ceremonies and ancestral rituals; all vivid in the eyes of the collective members, musicians, producers, videographers and photographers, nowadays, scattered between the United States, Tunisie, Germany, France, Sweden, Irak, Liban and Poland.