Born in 1985 in France, I had the opportunity to live in Egypt during my studies.

Since this rich experience, I try to capture glimpses of social life in Orient.

What is exactly Orient? Probably a creation, a fantasy, or simply nonsense…Discovering these lands and the memories underneath them are my goal.

I share my life between taking photographs and writing. I currently live in Germany.

Photographic approach

The turmoil is EVERYWHERE, unfortunately… On the road, in a street, a building, a room, on a wall…

But Serenity can rebalance all the emotions, sensations…

A  meditative approach to the world, between East and West.

Where is, in our days, the past? The Old World?

Usually in a museum, or in a heritage site.

Where past is staged, but mostly is forgotten, erased from memory or, unfortunately, destroyed.

Visible traces of past may be found sometimes engraved in the stone or in the wood. But stone can erode and wood can burn…

In the Western world, factories are closing since many years ago. Slowly, we are forgetting this industrial past.

Somewhere else, in this invented Orient, old palaces falling down into ruins, traces from past conflicts are being dismissed and walls become the last testimony of past time and old lives.

In the streets, on the roads, time is suspended.

How to understand our own world ?

In « capturing » life and interaction between humans. In all ages of life, we can measure the course of time:

Kids and teenagers and youth, men and women meet up, they love each other albeit the borders created by society and tradition.

Work and leisure dictate the rhythm of life.

In this world in a perpetual movement, what doesn’t change?

Spirituality, meditation, introspection, and openness to the world around us.

At the end of the day, at the dawn of life, what would be left?

Even though the sun is setting, one must reflect about traces of his/her own past.

Where to look at for the future? Maybe in the desolated and virgin lands and no contaminated places by the humans.


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